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Captains log: April 14th 2005-
Our friend and Father Nicolas Trivch steamed from his final port this day. It was cool & gray in Seattle- overlooking the Port Docks, and Old Nick rested with his Family and his paper til late afternoon.

An email had just arrived from a favorite Sister-in-Law reminding us that "...having the name of TRIVICH stands for honour, decency, honesty and kindness."  Stories were told, hands were held and a family rejoiced in a life well lived. All was well... Nick departed with no unecessary baggage, and nothing left unsaid.

Here now is a snug harbor- where we can drop anchor and tell the stories of Nick. Read about cows, view his grand tractors, and perhaps relive some tales of the high seas...

Welcome to! Please pass this opportunity along from friend to family. We all want to hear your thoughts and feelings about this great Man, who made our lives better with his gruff advice and his heart of gold-

Tell your stories and enjoy ours- Welcome, and as Old Nick put it Saturday night- "I Love you all."

The Trivichs
The Willicuts
The Davis'
The Richmonds
The Roberts

Tributes and Condolences
miss you now more then ever   / Melissa Richmond (daughter)
I find I miss you now more then ever. I wish you could be here to see the kids grown up. To meet Tabithas prince, Tyler and share hunting stories. To see your great grandkids be born. Twins!!!!! Oh the things you would say about that! Mom is happy an...  Continue >>
SHE DID IT!   / Danica Trivich Roberts (Daughter)
Tabitha found her Prince! Lord Tyler of Jadin Eternal Keeper of Beasts... Provider of Great Sustenance... Great Bearer of Arms... Taxidermist to the Stars... You would Approve Dad.
Still thinking of you   / Tabitha Richmond (Grandaughter)
Never stop thinking you of Grandpa. I'm in college because of you! Wish I could tell you all about it. Wish I could play my harp for you. Wish I could bring guys home for thanksgiving with the family to share a glass of wine with you. Love you always...  Continue >>
Miss you   / Tabitha Richmond (Grandaughter)
Grandpa you always said I would marry a prince. I'm gonna hold out for the best just for you.
I didn't know   / Ric Stroh-Ramey (Nephew)
Hello, I just spoke with Aunt Ange and she told me. Oh my gosh. I feel so left out. I am so sorry about your loss. I don't know who will read this but, if you can contact me it would be great. I just called mom and told her and Bob. Wow, I am so sor...  Continue >>
Daddy! / Danica     Read >>
Missed you at Thanksgiving...  / Danica` Roberts (daughter)    Read >>
Just want you all to know... / D.     Read >>
There is no one like Nick! / Faye Shanor (Niece)    Read >>
Current Events! / Danica     Read >>
Our sympathy to the whole family. / Dolores LaFayette (friend of Melissa and Randy and family)    Read >>
Loved My Daddy / Danica Trivich Roberts (His Youngest Daughter)    Read >>
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Nicolas Trivich circa 2004
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